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Finally, there is a solution for those without the space for backwards sledding! Suitable for any ability, use The Reverse Treadmill™  for resisted backwards walking which is great for reversing out knee pain and warming up the knee and ankle joints before a serious leg workout. Designed with functionality in mind, this treadmill is packed with innovative features to ensure the best possible user experience.



What is the Reverese Treadmill™?

The Reverse Treadmill™ has been designed as an accessible solution so people of all ages and abilities can get the classic results of backward sledding without the requirement for large amounts of open space.

What are the benefits of using a Reverse Treadmill™

Walking backwards, especially when resistance loaded, is the easiest way to build strength in your knees, hips and ankles which helps to reduce injury and increase power and speed.

What are the dimensions of the Reverse Treadmill™?

The Reverse Treadmill™ measures 140cm x 65cm when unfolded and 70cm x 65cm when folded. When folded the treadmill has a height of 110cm.

How much does the Reverse Treadmill™ weigh?

The Reverse Treadmill™ weighs 28kg when assembled.

Can I adjust the incline of the Reverse Treadmill™?

Yes. The Reverse Treadmill™ offers 3 adjustable angles of incline at 5°, 10° and 15°.

How do I adjust the resistance of the Reverse Treadmill™?

The Reverse Treamill™ features 8 adjustable resistance settings. The resistance is varied via magnetic resistance technology and is easily adjustable from a knob on the treadmills frame.

Do I need to plug in the Reverse Treadmill™ in?

No. The Reverse Treadmill™ requires no electricity to function as it is a manual resistance treadmill with no electronics.

Is the Reverse Treadmill™ easy to move and store?

Yes. The Reverse Treadmill™ features inbuilt wheels for easy transport and storage. The belt can be folded up for storage to ensure minimal space is occupied when it is not in use.

Is the Reverse Treadmill™ safe and comfortable to use?

Yes. The Reverse Treadmill™ features foam padding for the back and hands to ensure optimal user comfort. The surface of the belt is textured to enhance grip which ensures that the user's shoes maintain traction throughout their workout, even when moving against the direction of the belt.