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 This Step-Up Board is the perfect piece of equipment for ATG exercises, popularised by the Knees Over Toes Guy, Ben Patrick. This Step-Up Board can be used for a range of exercises, from Poliquin Step-Ups to ATG Split Squats. These exercises develop superior leg power for athletes and can help reduce knee and ankle pain. The board helps users access easier versions of these exercises so that they can make progress whilst remaining safe and never working through pain.

Product features include: 

  • Bottom step (1.25" - 3cm) dimensions: 20" 16" (51cm x 40cm)
  • Top step (5.25" - 13cm) dimensions: 20" x 18" (51cm x 45cm)
  • Reinforced 18mm plywood structure 
  • Wide 51cm platform to fit a Slant Board™ on top for more exercises. 
  • Thick rubber platform to absorb impact and increase grip 
  • Stable platform. 

The Step-up Board is fully commercial grade and exclusive to Slant Board Ltd. It is delivered assembled. The Slant Board is not included but can be purchased separately.


Watch Personal Trainer and ATG Level 2 Coach, Josh Whitlock, give his top tips on using the Step-Up Board

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