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Option: IsoTib

The IsoTib™ is designed to weight-load your Tibialis Anterior muscle on the front of the shin. A strong Tibialis muscle is the first line of defence for knee, ankle, and shin pain, including shin splints. This product is used on only one foot at a time to isolate any weaknesses or imbalances that you may have on one leg compared to the other. This makes it the perfect tool for rehabilitating an injury.

The IsoTib™ exposes your Tibialis and ankle to full plantar flexion (pointed toes) to increase ankle strength and range of motion.

An Olympic Weight Collar is included with all purchases. Weight plates are not included unless stated. 


What is an IsoTib™?

An IsoTib™ is a unique and high quality piece of equipment designed to isolate and strengthen the muscles of the ankle and shin to improve sprint speed, explosiveness, jump height and deceleration time.

What are the benefits of using an IsoTib™?

Building muscle and resilience in the ankle by using an IsoTib™, you can prevent and recover faster from sprained ankles, shin splints and poor mobility. Enabling you to you achieve your performance goals faster and stay injury-free.

Will the IsoTib™ fit my foot?

The IsoTib™ has been designed with a fully adjustable foot clamp to fit all foot sizes

What size weight plates does the IsoTib™ take?

The IsoTib™ fits any plates with a 2"/50mm central hole. It is suitable for use with both traditional and olympic diameter plates.

Does the IsoTib™ come with a weight collar?

Yes. All IsoTibs™ are supplied with an hex lock weight collar.

is the IsoTib™ comfortable?

Yes. The IsoTib™ features thick foam padding for optimum user comfort.