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Identical to our best-selling Slant Board™ but this time completely black in colour. A limited time product so get yours now before they sell out. Once they're gone, they're gone!

The Slant Board™ is a high quality, versatile piece of equipment designed for a range of exercises, from stretching and balancing to loaded squats. It is an affordable way to treat Patellar Tendinopathy and strengthen any weaknesses found in the ankle or knee. The board is also ideal for athletes who want to develop explosive power and build leg muscle. 

Product features include: 

  • Black, hexagonal non-slip coating providing extra grip underfoot.
  • Reinforced 18mm plywood structure with internal bracing beams to withstand high loads and provide a stable base not available with foam alternatives.
  • 50cm wide platform to allow users to exercise in a wide squat stance.
  • A 22° decline for efficient treatment of ankle and knee pain. This decline helps to isolate the VMO muscle during a squat.
  • The rear face is designed with a slight slope to remove the risk of the device tipping backwards. 
  • A lightweight (3kg) and portable design so that you can condition your legs anywhere, anytime! 
  • Measures 50cm x 35cm x 15cm when assembled. 

The Slant Board™ is fully commercial grade and exclusive to Slant Board Ltd. It is delivered fully assembled.