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This Step-Up Board is the perfect piece of equipment for ATG exercises, popularised by the Knees Over Toes Guy, Ben Patrick. This Step-Up Board can be used for a range of exercises, from Poliquin Step-Ups to ATG Split Squats. These exercises develop superior leg power for athletes and can help reduce knee and ankle pain. The board helps users access easier versions of these exercises so that they can make progress whilst remaining safe and never working through pain.


What is a Step-Up Board?

A Step-Up Board is designed to be used in conjunction with a Slant Board. It allows for you to increase the height at which you perform exercises, serving to either reduce or increase their difficulty, depending on the exercise.

What are the benefits of using a Step-Up Board?

Using a Step-Up Board allows for you to vary the difficulty of exercises which require a Slant Board. For certain exercises, increasing the height increases the difficulty as you are working the muscles and tissues through a greater range of motion. For others, increasing the height removes load from certain muscles, reducing an exercises difficulty.

What heights are the steps of the Step-Up Board?

The Step-Up Board features two steps. The bottom step is 5cm off the ground and the top step is 15cm off the ground. The gap between the top and bottom step is therefore 10cm.

What is the surface area of each of the steps?

The bottom step measures 51cm x 40cm and the top step measures 51cm x 45cm.

Is this Step-Up Board compatible with all of your Slant Boards?

Yes. This Step-Up Board is compatible with all Slant Boards in our range.

Is this Step-Up Board non-slip?

Yes. Both steps feature a thick rubber surface to absorb impact and increase grip.

What is the maximum weight that the Step-Up Board can take?

The Step-Up Board is manufactured from reinforced 18mm plywood and can withstand weights of up to 250kg.