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The Sled Belt and Strap will transform your conventional push-and-pull sled workout. Sled workouts are amazing for warm-ups, leg rehabilitation and developing explosive power. By simply attaching a belt to a sled and pulling backwards, you can add an effective movement for reducing knee pain and building leg muscle to your workout.

BELT - Adjustable one size fits all design

STRAP - 3m in length


What are the benefits of backwards sled pulls?

Backwards Sled pulls target deep within the knee, strengthening the tendons and ligaments to increase strength and prevent injury.

How do I use the sled belt?

Simply place the padded foam piece around your back with the two metal D rings pointing forwards. Then thread the chain through both D rings so that an even amount is visible on each side. Now attach one clip to each end of the chain and then clip them both onto the strap. Once you begin taking the weight of the sled through the belt, it will automatically tighten to perfectly fit your waist.

Is the sled belt comfy?

Yes. The Sled Belt features thick foam padding for the back and hips for optimal user comfort.

Will the sled belt fit my waist?

Yes. The Sled Belt has been designed to fit all waist sizes and automatically tightens to the user for the perfect fit.

How much weight can the sled belt take?

The Sled Belt can withstand forces of up to 250kg.

How long is the sled strap?

The Sled Strap measures 3m in length

Does the sled strap include clips?

Yes. Two carabiner clips are included with the Sled Strap.