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Following its sell-out success, the Nordic Bench is now a pre-order item whilst we await out next delivery of stock. Orders now to secure yours in advance of their arrival and avoid disappointment. 

Stock is estimated to arrive with us during the week commencing 8th July. 

The Nordic Bench is the perfect piece of equipment for Nordic Curls (Glute Hamstring Raises) using your bodyweight. This exercise activates all three hamstring muscles making it perfect for increasing athleticism and injury prevention. With regular practise, the Nordic Curl can improve mobility around the knee joint whilst reducing hamstring strain. Join the world-class athletes using this equipment to bring their game to the next level, whether that be on the sprinting blocks or on the rugby field.



What is a Nordic Bench?

A Nordic Bench is a piece of equipment which has been specifically designed to allow users to safely undertake Nordic Hamstring Curls. This is an exercise designed to target all three of the hamstring muscles with the intention of reducing the risk of strain or injury.

What are the benefits of using the Nordic Bench?

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that incorporating Nordic Curls into a training program can reduce hamstring injury by up to 51%.This is because the Nordic Curls strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings simultaneously. Stronger hamstrings also mean better sports performance and faster sprint times, so if you’re an athlete looking to prevent injury or improve performance, Nordic Curls are a must!

Why do I need a Nordic Bench for Nordic Curls?

The Nordic Bench provides a safe and stable platform from which to perform Nordic Curls. The padded foot restraint securely locks feet into position to give users total confidence whilst the foam base ensures optimum user comfort.

What are the dimensions of the Nordic Bench?

The Nordic Bench measures 120cm x 65cm and sits 15cm off the ground

How much does the Nordic Bench weigh?

The Nordic Bench weighs 26kg when assembled.

Is the Nordic Bench easy to move and store?

Yes. The Nordic Bench features an inbuilt handle and wheels for easy transport and storage and can be stored upright when not in use to save space.

Do I need to add weights to the Nordic Bench for stability?

No. The frame of our Nordic Bench is designed to counterbalance the user weight, so no additional weights are required to be added during use.

Can I add resistance bands for assistance?

Yes. Resistance bands can easily be attached around the frame of the Nordic Bench to provide assistance during the Nordic Curl.