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Size: 1.0mm x 208cm (Black)

The Slant Board Floss Bands are perfect for creating tight compression on aching muscles and joints. This compression helps to relive pain and improve joint mobility. Muscle flossing is used before an activity to increase range of motion and train more effectively or after an activity to recover quicker.  

These floss bands are made from natural latex making them unsuitable for anyone with a latex allergy.


What are Floss Bands used for?

Floss Bands are used to compress certain muscles and joints to increase range of motion and improve performance, they are also an excellent tool for recovery.

What are the benefits of using Floss Bands?

Using Floss Bands reduces pain, improves performance, increases range of movement, prevents injury, improves recover and helps to increase muscle size.

How do I use Floss Bands?

When using Floss Bands, begin by wrapping the area that you want to target, this can be the lower or upper arms, shoulders, upper and lower legs and feet. You should avoid using the floss bands on your head, neck, back and abdomen.

Wrap from the top downwards, then secure the floss band by tucking the end under the wrapped part. A good rule of thumb is to wrap the area with 50% compression and the band should be approximately 50% larger in size. Although you want to reduce blood flow, restricting it completely can be extremely dangerous, therefore if you feel any numbness or tingling remove the floss band immediately.

Once the band is secure, move the joint that the floss band is around/close to. For example, if the band is wrapped around your thigh, bodyweight squats are a suitable movement. Perform the movement for 30 seconds to 2 minutes then stop and remove the band. You will feel the sensation of the blood rushing to the area that was restricted. Anything up to 2 minutes in a certain area will be sufficient to get results and you can perform flossing on a number of areas in concession.

What size are your Floss Bands?

Our Floss Bands measure 208cm in length and 5cm in width. The lighter black bands have a thickness of 1.0mm and the heavier grey bands have a thickness of 1.5mm.

Which Floss Band should I choose?

Our lighter black Floss Bands are ideal for smaller muscles and joints such as the elbow whereas our heavier grey Floss Bands are perfect for larger areas such as the knee. Buy a set to ensure you have bands suitable for all areas of the body.