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The Adjustable Metal Slant Board™ is a strong, high quality and versatile piece of equipment designed for a wide range of exercises, from stretching and balancing to loaded ATG split squats.

This Slant Board™ is adjustable with four different angles of 6°, 12°, 18° and 24° to suit your workout needs, making it ideal for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes. This is an affordable way to treat Patellar Tendinopathy and strengthen any weaknesses found in the ankle or knee. The board is also ideal for those who want to develop explosive power and build leg muscle. It's thick, reinforced iron structure is unlike anything else on the market and will withstand anything you throw at it, during the testing process we have even driven cars over it! 


What is a Slant Board?

A Slant Board is a versatile fitness tool designed to enhance lower body strength and aid knee rehabilitation. Its inclined surface adds gravity-driven resistance, fostering muscle growth and coordination. 

What are the benefits of using a Slant Board?

Elevating the heels allows for a much deeper range of motion in any exercise requiring a full knee bend. This allows users to target and activate muscles and ligaments deep within the knee and ankle joints which conventional exercises would not allow for. Strength in these areas serves to increase explosive power and strength and reduce pain, inflammation and the susceptibility to injury.

What are the adjustable heights of the metal Slant Board?

The metal Slant Board has adjustable heights of 6°, 12°, 18° and 24°

What is the maximum weight that the metal Slant Board can take?

The metal slant board can withstand weights of up to 300kg.

What are the dimensions of the metal Slant Board?

The metal Slant Board measures 50cm x 35cm.

Can the metal Slant Board be used with the Step-Up Board?

Yes. The dimensions of the metal Slant Board make it suitable for use with the Step-Up Board.

Is the metal Slant Board non-slip?

Yes. The surface of the metal Slant Board is manufactured from a textured chequer plate material to ensure optimal underfoot grip.

Can I use the metal Slant Board on all floor types?

Yes. The metal Slant Board features inbuilt non-slip rubber feet making it suitable for use on all flat and stable surfaces.